Residential Solar Power

Start Enjoying the Financial Benefits of Solar Power

Most people can get a solar array from SunRay Solar without any out-of-pocket costs. In fact, many of our customer report a positive cash flow starting Day One!

Solar Energy is on the Rise

Residential solar has been growing in the United States by an average of +50% per year. Over the last few years, the US solar industry has added enough residential solar to power an average of 300,000 homes per year.  This number is expected to increase for the following reasons:

  • Use natural resources and clean energy
  • Long-term economic benefits
  • Installation and maintenance simple
  • Reasonable cost with immediate return on investment
Home With Solar Array

Why choose a SunRay Solar home installation?

First, when using the SunRay Solar financing program, you have no out of pocket cost.  That’s right – $0.00!

SunRay Solar financing program is easy to qualify for and the rate is 2.9%!

We are able to design your system so that it is cash flow POSITIVE for you, as soon as the first month of operation. Never experience a negative cash flow month!  Stop paying utility bills! Once your system is paid off, you will enjoy years of not paying an electric bill.

The $4 per watt increase in a home’s selling price caused by a solar array exceeds the typical installation price of the array, and is therefore an immediately positive return on investment (ROI). Therefore, home-sellers will likely recoup the cost of their solar array in the sale of their property.

Residential Rebates & Incentives

Take advantage of many renewable energy rebates, incentives, and energy credits available for homeowners that can reduce the cost of installing a solar array by thousands of dollars.

In addition to the financial benefits, solar enables homeowners to tap a free and abundant source of energy instead of burning costly fossil fuel which pollutes the air and is in limited supply. Harvesting the sun is truly green, benefiting the earth’s natural climate, air, and water quality.