Earn Money Through Solar Energy Referrals

Over 25% of SunRay Solar new customers come to us via a referral from a happy existing customer!

Our popular Spread the Sunshine program offers everyone the opportunity to earn money when they Spread the Sunshine by introducing their friends and family to solar energy. For each successful new customer referral, we pay the referrer a cash commission: $500 for those of you who already have a SunRay Solar array; and $250 for those of you whose properties are unable to support solar, but recognize the value of solar, the quality of the SunRay Solar experience, and want to Spread the Sunshine for those you care about.

Annually, SunRay Solar pays more than $20,000 in referral fees to people who have decided to Spread the Sunshine wed love to pay you too!

Help Spread the Sunshine!

If you know of a friend or family member who is considering?the benefits of SOLAR ENERGY – please complete our online referral form.

Contributing to a Cleaner Planet

When you Spread the Sunshine, you are truly spreading sunshine!

Besides the financial benefit to you for the referral and to your friend who gets the array, lets not forget the substantial environmental benefit. When you decide to Spread the Sunshine, you are making a good decision in every way, as the reduction in carbon emissions and contribution to the reduction of global greenhouse gasses makes those of us living today, and those living tomorrow, better off.

Referral Program