Good Decisions Lead to Long-Term Relationships

Just as a solar array can provide you immediately positive returns that continue for many years, we expect your relationship with SunRay Solar will be similarly rewarding in both the short-term and the long-term.

We expect to do our job, which includes answering questions, designing a system that satisfies your needs, showing you the financial impact of solar, helping you decide how to pay for it (cash or finance), installing it, ensuring that it operates, and leaving your property clean of our equipment and materials.

And, if we helped you get smart on solar, and you made a smart decision, and we did our part to design and install it properly, we expect you will be happy with your decision… and will join the hundreds of others who Spread the Sunshine™ by telling your friends and family to call SunRay Solar!

  • Thank you for your referral!

    We appreciate that you are willing to Spread the Sunshine by giving us a referral! As a token of our appreciation, we will pay a referral fee of $500 (existing customers) and $250 (non-customers) for any referred person that obtains a solar installation. Referral fee is payable upon completed solar array installation.