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Learn About Solar And Get A $25 Gift Card

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Solar is now an affordable option for the average homeowner

Did you know that the cost of solar panels has fallen?by 70% over the last 10 years??With recently renewed government incentives and zero-down financing?at a competitive rate, it’s easier than ever for people to?invest in solar for their home. We consistently demonstrate to?homeowners how they can save $40,000-$60,000 or?more by switching to solar.

His & Hers Hair Shop?has partnered with SunRay Solar?to?Spread the Sunshine?and offer you a $25 His & Hers gift card if you receive a free solar consultation at your home. Simply schedule a?consultation with a SunRay Solar Advisor?to learn if solar is right for you. The process all starts with your electric bill to determine your current electricity rate and annual usage so that we can develop a proposal tailored to your property and energy needs.?Let us show you how much you’ll save with solar compared to the cost of doing nothing. You will be under no obligation or commitment to buy anything.?

Complete the form to get started. You’ll?be contacted to request a recent copy of your electric bill and schedule a consultation at?your convenience. The meeting should last about an hour and you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions and address any concerns.?You have nothing to lose, and potentially tens of thousands of dollars to keep in your pocket!

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How to claim your $25 gift card

Complete the form and we’ll call you?to book an appointment at your home. To thank you for giving us your time, we’ll bring you a $25 gift card?for His & Hers Hair Shop.