Company Overview

SunRay Solar, founded in Concord, NH in 2009, is New Hampshires leading solar systems integrator and installer. Working mainly with photovoltaic (solar electricity), we design, build, and install solar arrays for homeowners and businesses. We stress consumer education and establishing long-term, relationships.

Our motto, Spread the Sunshine, reflects SunRay Solars core belief that each of us can benefit from solar, and can also help others benefit from solar. By installing a solar appliance – homeowners and businesses can essentially eliminate their electric bills. We show our customers how to save money, we provide jobs for the local economy, and we collectively reduce global carbon emissions for ourselves and our children.

We carry the Spread the Sunshine theme into our member referral program.? This program allows anyone to earn a cash reward by referring new customers to us.? Over 25% of our business comes from happy customers referring friends and family members to us.

A Letter From Our Founder

SunRay Solar is a company founded on the belief that through solar energy, we can reduce the carbon footprint for future generations to enjoy a greener planet. I am passionate about sharing opportunities for?solar and renewable energy with our customers.

SunRay Solar is fortunate to be operating during a period of intense interest in solar energy. Currently, 9 out of 10 homeowners want solar, they just dont realize they can afford it! With our financing programs and federal and state rebates, many homeowners can receive a SunRay Solar array?at no cost!

What started as a?legacy project, SunRay Solar has grown substantially since 2009. Nothing brings me more pleasure than?helping homeowners save money while cutting our carbon emissions, and reducing our dependency on fossil fuels.

Thank you for considering SunRay Solar! Come check out our solar classroom to learn more about the benefits of solar energy at little to no costs. ?I look forward to seeing you soon!

Michael Fay, Founder and CEO