Company History

Founded in 2009 as a legacy project, SunRay Solar Company has evolved into a renewable energy corporation. We are proud to bring to residences and companies throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts – a natural source of clean energy, contributing to reducing global pollution.

Company established!
In 2009 SunRay solar started as a legacy project with a focus on providing everyone in NH and MA a high quality, customer-focused provider of solar panel installation.
Hired 10 Technicians for Installation
Due to the high demand for solar power, SunRay Solar hired more than ten solar panel installers throughout the course of it's first year of operation.
Expanded the field of activity
SunRay Solar expands its installations from residential to include commercial properties throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts.
New Brand and New Website!
Growth continues for SunRay Solar. Now more than 100 installers, the need for increased sales force has resulted in a fully expanded marketing department whose primary objective was to create a new brand and launch a user-friendly website.