Commercial Solar Energy Solutions

Solar for business. Great for your bottom line. Great for the planet.

Solar can dramatically reduce your operating costs by protecting your business from ever-increasing energy rates, all while decreasing your impact on the environment.

Join the growing number of smart business owners that have recognized the value of solar panels for their small to medium sized business. Businesses are capitalizing on investment in solar and taking advantage of reliable financial gains.

Here are some compelling reasons to consider solar for your business

  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Incentives offset cost of system
  • Solid investment opportunity with attractive ROI
  • Maintenance free & reliable
  • Good for the environment

Solar is an investment that deserves careful consideration. Provided that your building has enough space to house solar panels, solar power will provide the necessary power to help operate a diverse range of businesses regardless of when or how they conduct their operations.

Commercial Solar Array, Pittsfield, NH

Commercial Solar Case Studies

Examples of commercial customers that went solar with SunRay


A drilling company in New Hampshire was paying Eversource $3,415 per year for 19,000 kWh of electricity. After switching to solar, this company will generate 19,000 kWh of electricity annually and have a fixed payment of $2,174 per year for 12 years. After year 12, the drilling company owns the system outright and will no longer pay for electricity.

Over 25 years, due to income received from renewable energy credits (RECs), this company will earn $730 vs. paying $109,375 to Eversource for electricity. Total savings: $110,105


A local limousine company was paying Eversource $4,346 per year for 24,000 kWh of electricity. After going solar, this company will be generating 24,000 kWh annually and will have a fixed payment of $3,328 per year for 12 years for. After year 12, the limousine company will own their system outright and no longer pay for electricity.

Over 25 years, due to income received from renewable energy credits (RECs), this company will pay just $1,421 vs. $139,197 to Eversource for electricity. Total savings: $137,776

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