How Bad Will Donald Trump Be For Renewable Energy?

As a solar installation company for New Hampshire and Massachusetts, we have closely followed the current administration to determine the impact on renewable energy incentives. For consumers pondering whether or not incentives for renewable energy will remain intact, we thought we would share this article from Forbes Magazine.

Earl J. Ritchie, Lecturer, Department of Construction Management

There are varying opinions of Donald Trumps likely effect on the growth of renewable energy in the U.S.: Hes bad for it; hes not bad for it. Trump has called climate change a hoax and said he would abolish the Environmental Protection Agency, abandon the EPAs Clean Power Plan, pull out of the Paris Agreement and boost coal and natural gas, positions which he has since largely moderated.

Certainly, Trumps pre-election statements on fossil fuels and renewable energy were worlds apart from Hillary Clintons. A pre-election estimate of their comparative effects can be seen in this Platts analysis.

So, Clinton would have been great for renewable energy, Trump not so great. Everybody knows that. But, how bad would Trump be?



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